Special Needs Living

Special Needs Living asked Windy Hill to build a website for a piece of specialty furniture. The website was a showcase to the quality and the safety behind the product. We also built in the ability for customers to start the purchase process directly on the website.
Date 16/MAY/2011
Services Graphics, Branding, Web Design


More Projects

Lil Allergy Advocates

Advertising, Branding, Web Design
Lil Allergy Advocates is an online store and blog aimed to raise food allergy awareness. For this site we utilized a blog for Lil Allergy Advocates to share allergy friendly information. A custom wordpress plug-in was written in order to display products on their pages. Lil Allergy Advocates designs modern, stylish allergy alerts and awareness items for home and school. Products are designed with fun graphics that will appeal to children and easy to see warnings symbols that will please adults.