Resistance Soldering is a subset of the larger company, American Beauty Tools (ABT). ABT has been a big customer of Windy Hill for many years and the purpose of this website was to drive business using SEO and keywords for specific product types towards the larger ABT site for full eCommerce. Windy Hill setup a Wordpress set and built a custom theme that helped to build the brand of this product line.
Date 11/NOV/2009
Services Web Design

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Lil Allergy Advocates

Advertising, Branding, Web Design
Lil Allergy Advocates is an online store and blog aimed to raise food allergy awareness. For this site we utilized a blog for Lil Allergy Advocates to share allergy friendly information. A custom wordpress plug-in was written in order to display products on their pages. Lil Allergy Advocates designs modern, stylish allergy alerts and awareness items for home and school. Products are designed with fun graphics that will appeal to children and easy to see warnings symbols that will please adults.